Privacy & Cookie policy

The following document describes how this website is managed as concerns the processing of users' personal data.

Data Collection and Processing

The personal data collected on this website will be processed by "Stavros Villas" with the use of electronic and/or automated means, exclusively for carrying out our website services. 

Among the Personal Information collected on this website, either stand-alone or through third parties, there are: Cookie Data, Email, First Name and Last Name.

The provision of data by the user is optional. The failure to provide some data may prevent "Stavros Villas" to supply its services.

Users' data are collected to allow this website to provide its services, as well as for the following purposes: Statistics and to Contact the User. 

The types of Personal Data used for each purpose are indicated in the specific sections of this document.

• Contact Form

We store on your computer session cookies to enable the website to remember some user's actions like the taking vision of this cookie policy and the compiling of some of the form fields (name, email, message, address, city, .. .) essential for a more personalized and optimized navigation of the website.

The User, by filling in the contact form with his data, and sending them, consents to their use for receiving responses to requests for information.

Personal data collected: Cookie, Email, First Name and Last Name
Place of processing: Greece
Privacy policy: the present document

– if the user wishes to remain anonymous, he can fill in the form data only with his first name, or just with a 'nickname' that does not allow to trace his identity

– contact details (in particular e-mail address) to be submitted via the contact form will not be published in any form by the owner of the website, and they will not be used for advertising campaigns of any kind, but they are solely necessary to the user in order to be contacted by the recipient of the form (the website owner) to receive information on the services required.

These are the required cookies to improve the usability of the site: 
tntcon (a session cookie related to the contact form fields - it will be removed when the user closes its web browser)
cookieconsent_dismissed (a persistent cookie related to the viewing of this cookie policy - it expires after 30 days)

You can choose to change your browser's settings to remove or disable cookies. However, by choosing to disable cookies you might miss some of the website's features. 
Please, refer to How to customize Cookies in this document for additional information about how to manage/disable cookies on different browsers.


Third-party cookies

This website stores on your computer some third-party cookies which collect aggregated and anonymous statistical data. Under current regulations the consent to the use of these cookies is not required if data are collected anonymously. Therefore, these cookies are enabled by default, but you can disable them. Here is the list of third-party cookies and the links to receive more information and to request their deactivation.

• Google Analytics with IP address anonymization (Google Inc.)

Personal data collected: Persistent and Session Cookies.
Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy

Our website will store on your PC and mobile device some Google Analytics cookies which provide the website owner with some aggregated statistics. 
However, we inform you that this website uses a procedure to reduce the identification power of such cookies (IP address anonymization technique) while the third party does not cross-check data with any other information it has already collected.

These are the third-party cookies stored on your device: _ut*_ga*

If you wish to prevent Google Analytics from tracking your visits you can install: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

• Google Maps (Google Inc.)

Personal data collected: Persistent and Session Cookies.
Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy

We use Google Maps on our “Agents” page and “Contacts” pages to provide detailed information on how to locate our Dealers and directions on how to reach our Company. Google Maps stores up to four cookies: khcookie, NID, SNID e PREF.

Google uses cookies, such as the PREF cookie, to personalize ads owned by Google, such as Google Search, particularly when you do not have a Google account. The PREF cookie can store user preferences and other information, like the language (for example, English), the number of search results you want to have per page (for example 10 or 20), and if you do not want to use the Google SafeSearch filtering system.

Google also uses cookies for advertisements that Google offers to third parties. One of the most used cookies is called 'id' and it is stored in the browser under the domain. Other cookies are used with names like _drt_, FLC, NID and exchange_uid.

Khcookie and SNID are two cookies used by Google for map navigation purposes.


What do I need to know about cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that’s stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They are generally used to remember your preferences or to tailor sites to your interests.

There are generally the different types of cookies: 
1) First party cookies: These are set by the website you’re visiting. And only that website can read them; 
2) Third-party cookies: These are set by someone other than the owner of the website you’re visiting; 
3) Advertising cookies (we don't use them): Some websites use advertising networks to show you specially targeted adverts when you visit. These networks may also be able to track your browsing across different sites;
4) Session cookies: These are stored while you’re browsing. They get deleted from your device when you close your browser;
5) Persistent cookies: These are saved on your computer. So they don’t get deleted when you close your browser, but they will expire after a given number of days set by the website itself. 

• How to customize Cookies settings

Each browser allows you to disable cookies and to customize the way that cookies should be managed.
If you don't wish to disable cookies, you can change the settings of your web browser in order to avoid receiving cookies from a specific web site. You can also delete the cookies that have already been identified.
Some browsers also allow "anonymous browsing", accepting cookies and then deleting them automatically after the browsing session.
For further information about Cookies customization and “anonymous browsing”, please, refer to the documentation of your browser: Chrome – Firefox – Internet Explorer – Opera – Safari

 Responsible for the processing of personal data on website: 
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